Know your competitors by Alexa

If you were just into your market, what shall you do to make it a success? The easiest key is to learn from your competitors who have been in this market for years and what’s your job is to find what is their secret for making money.

If you were a shareware author, this article is going to help you to archive success. We will teach you how to learn from your competitors and become successful as them. And today, we will focus the topic on SEO software as our example.

Before the example, we would like to introduce the vital tool: Alexa, which is a web service data collection center. It is dedicated in website information like traffic stats, updating site information, reviews and accounts etc. The official site is

Here we begin with the example: seo software.  When searching google “seo software”, it comes up with the top 3 websites,, .

Here we will targeted on Let’s analyze it on alexa website for site information and we get its general information here

As the general information could tell us that its alexa traffic rank is 1419 thousand visitors, and there are probably 50 people visiting the wesbsite per day. And it has sites linkingin 18 links.

And by alexa, we can see there are many incoming keywords to this website 

As there are many people searching “seo do it yourself, self service seo, diy seo etc.” by the traffic status from your competitor, why don’t you focus these keywords to bring these people to your website? What can you do? Focus on these keywords and spread them by google keyword tool to increase traffic.

And alexa also provided information about your competitor like their incoming traffic, website owner information, clickstream etc.

Google Analytics to Increase Traffic

How to increase website traffic? Today we are going to introduce an amazing tool called Google Analytics, a tracking code developed by Google, to track where users are from, what do they do on your website and how you could improve the traffic. It is extremely easy to use if you sign up an account in Google analytics and past the code on every of your page in footer.

Google Analytics is a tool for us to learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and see how visitors actually interact with your site. And Google official site explained its concept like this:

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you’re more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.

In fact, there are only a few rules and you could improve your traffic.

1.  Where are your visitors from? Key words searching?

If it was by keywords searching, ie Google organic resource, then what are the keywords? Can you improve these keywords on your pages, say creating a landing page focusing on this keyword to get better search engine ranking performance and attract more visitors.

Spread related keywords by its relevance. For example, if the keywords from your site is “Hotel in Vienna”, then you may use Google suggested keyword tool to spread the keywords

Then you may notice that there are related keywords like : cheapest hotel in vienna, discount hotel vienna, hotels vienna, cheap hotel vienna …

What can you do on these keywords? Write useful longtail articles based on these keywords. There is no golden rule of  ranking top in Google by me, but content, useful content to visitors are usually the best.

2.   Referring sites (other website brought traffic to your website)

Check out what kind of website is bringing traffic to you. This is what can be tracked by Google Analytics. See what kind of referring websites they are and find more similiar website out there on the website and ask them to write about your website or for an link exchange.

But writing useful information introducing your website to their visitors is always the key for success if you want to get more visitors since it not only brings traffic to your website, but also can get a link to your website and improve the importance of your website when Google ranking.

As to our experience, Google Analytics is a useful and very important data if you want to become successful in your website. Know more and better of your visitors, then you can increase the traffic.

Google Quit China

Google has quited China and there will be no nor its abbrivation

Can people still use As we visited, we noticed that Google has forwarded this website to another new home (Google Hongkong), a non mainland Chinese government power coverage.

Some people said before that Google will not leave China since its huge economy profits in China Mainland and it is just his public relation diplomacy against China. Well, now we could tell Google is not just doing what for profits but his own rules.

By leaving China, Google left the search market to another Chinese search engine provider

Bookmark Site to Increase Traffic 500%

Why do we introduce bookmark sites to you as a tool to bring website traffic? There was a shocking story and we would like to share with you to see how bookmark sites could help us get more traffic.

Before the story, we would like to make clear that some people may not familiar with bookmark sites. What is bookmark sites? What do they do? Well, here are the simple explaination – Bookmark sites are online bookmark community where you might save your favorite pages or website on the internet with your own account and you can share it with other people.

We know IE favorite. When saving a webpage into the IE favorite. It keeps the page down in the local bookmark folder named : Favorite. Bookmark sites makes the job online for better and more convenient use if you use different computers like working in the office PC and home PC. What does bookmark sites do is to save your account and settings and savings online, then you can enjoy them anywhere with internet access.

What’s the charm of bookmark sites to online marketing?

Well, the story is from a friend. They have a company blog posting company news, customer stories, howto articles, industry news. Usually the traffic from the bookmarking sites are like 50 visitors. And when they began to submite their howto article to the online bookmark sites, one day, they found that there were 800 people visiting their website and they are all from stumbleupon. What makes the change?

The trueth is one of the submitted howto article was selected and stumbled by many other people, and then that took more people to visit their website.

If you have a website, or you want to improve your traffic? Do not hesitate to submite your useful information to these bookmark websites. And what’s more? They can bring links to you too. Then you may add scores in search engine ranking.

PAD Manager

As the PAD(Portable Application Descripition) maker and editor, PAD Manager is a freeware for producing PAD files. PAD file are created by software like PAD Manager, a tool to make pad files that can be submitted and accepted by many download sites like,, etc. Download sites index software in special process, so a PAD file is needed and it is usually ended with .xml file. When creating a pad file, here we would like to introduce PAD Manager.

Portable Application Description or PAD is a standard developed by the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). It is designed to replace the old non-formal file_id.diz and other textual program descriptions with an XML-based and strictly specified format.

PADManager is to create and mange pad files. It is a totally free program and it matches the standard of pad files sepcial rules and strictions. PADManager is developed by Submite Everywhere, a software submission service company.

PADManager can be downloaded here 

Compared with PADManager, another free tool PADGen is also competitive with its neat and clear descriptions and is pretty easier to use.  You may take a look at PADGen at this page

Why do software developers use PAD tool to creat .xml files?

It is clear that by submitting software information to download sites, they will create a lot of backlinks and also promotion for your software to show when users are in need of this kind of software, which means more exposure.

Ready to expose your software on the internet? Be free to download a PAD producer to spread your program.

Skype Free to Call Landline

Grabe your time using Skype to landlines to call for free!

Recently Skpye start a new compaign to promote its latest product by offering free calls worldwide. As what we always tell you free is attractive as a marketing strategy. A good website has spreaded this news and which we could tell the free compaign works and more and more people would focus on Skype at this time since the free calls.

If you guys would like to join the free calls, we would appricate if you read the post on clearly since we are not going to talk about the ways and details for this compaign.

Who is Skype? According to, we found that Skype was founded in 2003 by someone in Luxembourg. This is a pretty useful IM software to communicate with your friends and spread social networking via making new friends from Skype or connecting old friends or classmates on Skype. It is free to call Skype to Skype ID and is with clear hearing. We guys here are so sticky with it since it also has group talk and we love it here.

How many people are using Skype? It is hard to tell, but according to, this website has a month traffic of 1 Month: 253, which equals the US media website  Thousands of thousands of people are visiting the website here.