Free file recovery tool – Giveaway

Giveaway – File recovery tool worth $69/95 is now free

Backup is the best for your files but what if data disaster strikes and there is no backup copy? Then some file recovery tool might be the help. iCare Data Recovery, a file recovery tool which can bring data back when suffered system crash, power failure, software malfunction, drive not detected, partition deleted, partition lost etc.

Grab a copy of iCare Data Recovery Software which worth $69.95 and now is free of charge since it is spreading its name as a marketing strategy – the best way, free!

You may download a free copy at the website or directly on its download link  and the free license code is “2K1XB2X964MPHOCJ8M1RYIJF0OVHFOFH”

How to register the program? The page here tells you the way to register the program:

Notice: the offer is only active before May 25, so hurry up.