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Automize Discount Promo Code and Review

Are you looking for task scheduling software? Then Automize, the tool developed by HiTek Software is what you need. Here we offer special discount promo code of Automize to benefit you.

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Here are also options that you may buy Automize 8 products still with special coupon offered by We recommend you to select the product 9 series since they are the latest with more advanced ablilities and series 8 maybe a little bit old version.

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About Automize – Review of Automize

Automize is a featured program by hitek software as the automating software that can handle many projects for you on the computer at the same time.

It is advanced user schedued as far as we check it. However the outstanding part is it runs more than one thousand tasks a day and there is more functions for advanced users like scripting. It can handle a varity of taks including FTP jobs (monitering, trasnfer files), web downloads to download any material you need on some website, web site monitoring helps you to watch the changes of a website if there is any changes came up to this site and you will be informed. Here are some additional features that we think it is useful like  email notifications on task failure, FTP browsing, ZIP file viewer, extensive logging, remote task control…

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ACDSee Photo Manager Review and Discount Coupon Code

ACDSee Photo Manager Promo Code

Are you looking for some discount code that can be used to buy ACDSee software cheap with discount but a licensed program? Here we have some useful code to you.

ACDSee Photo Manager Promo Code : saving20

Review of ACDSee Photo Manager

Do you have a camera? Have you travelled a lot and havested with thousands of beautiful memories that were kept in your photos? Then ACDSee Photo Manager is a useful photo management tool for you to manage your photos, share your photos with your friends, family etc.

ACDSee Photo Manager are favored by many sites and website webmasters, editors and they gave review on this utility to let more people know about this useful tool. Today, we would like to share this useful tool with you. The reason why we talked this tool is useful to anyone that has many photos is because we have photos, and most of the time, we need to share our photos on the web, to the social media, use it in our blog, share with friends to prove that we have viewed a lot…

Pros of ACDSee Photo Manager

Here is a list of the pros of this useful tool that we think they are the reason why this program is outstanding.

  • Photo viewing with ease – ACDSee Photo Manager let you manage your photos with screen that presents all your photos and you can easy see them and pick up the right one. All though this is similar to the Windows browse system which you can browse thumbnail to see what you have, it is still better job than Windows.
  • Easy find – You can use this tool to find your photos from any storage including the floppy or CD with this program. It searches and lists all your photos available on your storage device. It is an excellent job that this program does than other tool, and what’s more, you can rename your photos and then you can search them more convenient in the future when you need them.
  • Share your photos – The shining outstanding feature that ACDSee Photo Manager does is fast and covenient way to share your photos to the social media, online storage place, share with friends family just drag and drop…

BTW, we also found some not very nice features that ACDSee has. It is the user interface or sometimes we called user friendly developed tool. It is not very user friendly but seems professional just not quick learner could manage.