How to Fix “Security Certificate Error”?

Recently, when I attempted to open some websites, especially some foreigner websites, the “Security Certificate Error” always popped out to annoy me. How could I fix it?

Actually, this error message often pops out as one tries to view an encrypted Website. However, if this error notice flashes out all the time, you should realize that there is surely something wrong with your computer or laptop. Continue reading How to Fix “Security Certificate Error”?

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

Many people are surrounded every day by harmful radiation that is given off by mobile phone, walkie-talkie, cordless phones, radio and television broadcast transmitters, microwave and satellite communication devices, radar, radio remote control, high-voltage transmission lines, microwave, high-frequency Eye, medical MRI equipment, helium arc welder, RF electric heaters, high frequency heat sealing machine, AC switch, electric motors, generators, televisions, computers and other types of electromagnetic equipment. Continue reading How to Protect Yourself from Radiation