Why Does My Computer Frequently Freeze Recently?

accidentally delete filesHello! Thank you for reading my question:

Recently, I don’t know why my computer frequently freezes. Do you know about it? Do you know how to fix it?

Many friends online also complaint that their computers always freeze without any sign and don’t know how to fix it, just like you. But, the frequently freezing problems actually could happen for many reasons, such as the well known virus infection, overheating issue, hard drive problem and even computer system problems… 

So, different causes always need different solutions.

Here are my solutions for you:

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How to Enable/ Disable the Touch-pad of Your Laptop?

touch pad2The touch pad always contributes a lot when there is no a mouse on your laptop. However, it also can bring you inconvenience for its too smart sensitiveness.

For example, I have ever really hated the touch-pad of my laptop when I am losing myself in editing some Word documents. The touch-pad is so smart that it always randomly move the cursor for my unintentional touching and extremely slow down my writing, sometimes, even cause some unexpected errors for me. It is really annoying.

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How to Maintain a CD?

CDEven though the CDs are now not as popular as they are invented, we also need a CD to play music in a car, enjoy some newly made films at home and back up some essential information of our computers. So, it is still playing a role in enriching our lives.

However, the CDs are not as invulnerable as we hope. Even the tiny dust can destroy a CD sometimes, right?

So, we must do something to maintain our CDs.

Here are some tips that one should do to take a good care of his CDs:

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Top 8 Free Photo Editing programs

Photo CollageUndoubtedly, the Adobe Photoshop is still the most advanced photo editing program for its rich features and functions. However, it is also one of the most difficult photo editing programs to grasp, especially for some computer beginners. Needless to say, it also costs a lot. So, if you really don’t want to use Adobe Photoshop, you can take chances with some efficient photo editing freeware out there.

In this article, we will introduce you top 8 free photo editing programs for you to editing your specified photos.

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How to Delete Files from a CD?

clone1My bother has burned some songs for me on an empty CD. Now, I am planning to delete these songs and change some new ones on it. But, I don’t know why it says the files on this CD are read-only when I try to delete. What should I do?

OK! A CD (Compact Disc) is an optical and round media to store digital media, including CD-ROM, CD-MIDI, Photo CD and CD Ready, etc. Some of them are writable, some of them are recordable, and some of them are read-only.

So, your resolution could be different when the CDs with different properties.

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How Much do You Know About a CD?

clone1What is a CD?

A CD is also fully called “Compact Disc”, which is a flat and round disk for people to store and transfer digital data. It is a storage device that could help the owner read/write multimedia digital data by using laser, such as texts, photos, audios, videos, songs and so on. So, in some degree, it is really one of the greatest inventions of modern society.

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