7 Best Free Application Launchers

onscreen keyboard4Is your computer desktop filled with colorful shortcuts and cannot find a wanted program quickly? Are you installed too many programs and cannot remember where to launch your specific program?

Don’t worry! If you are suffering from these problems, you come to the right place.

In order to resolve these problems, you need an application launcher that can help you locate and start your needed programs quickly and precisely. The application launcher can be a good application manager for your computer.

So, we’ve created a list of 7 best free application launchers here and hope you can select a favorite one to manage your computer applications well.


1. RocketDock

RocketDock is a free and smoothly animated application launcher that often lies on the one edge of your desktop. With its simple drop & down interface, you can easily and quickly access and manage your needed programs and most commonly used files/folders. With its Mac-like launch toolbar, you can intuitively browse all program shortcuts and opening files/folders. With its 13 different tool skins, you can create a most pleasant interface.


  • It is free and portable.
  • It is really easy to install and use.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, nicely and cleanly.
  • It allows you to access and manage your programs and commonly used files/folders easily and quickly.
  • It minimizes windows to the dock.
  • It supports many languages and can be easily translated.
  • It is also compatible with other similar launcher, such as MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and Y’z Dock skins, etc.
  • It also offers 13 different skins for you to choose.


  • Its trash icon cannot be used to delete files.

RocketDock home page

RocketDock download



2. ObjectDock

ObjectDock is a free and popular animated application launcher for windows. By using this freeware, you can easily manage your shortcuts, programs and running files/folders on a nice animated dock, add extra effects to make it more acceptable, such as a weather widget, a clock, a calendar, and a battery status widget, etc,  and create as many docks as you wish to organize your shortcuts and programs. As it is not in use, it will also automatically hide itself and doesn’t affect your work.


  • It is simple to use.
  • It has a really beautiful interface.
  • It cannot only offer as many as docks for you to manage your shortcuts, programs and running files/folders on a nice animated dock and also allows you to add extra effects to make it more useful for you, such as a weather widget, a clock, a calendar, and a battery status widget, etc.
  • It also won’t affect your work by hiding itself automatically as it is not in use.


  • Its free trial version only works well for 30 days.
  • This offered version only supports Windows 8/7 computers/laptops.

ObjectDock home page

ObjectDock download



3. XWindows Dock

XWindows Dock is a free and functional application launcher that can give you an instant access to your most frequently-used applications. Its 2D& 3D full skin customization design can offer you more intuitive and beautiful interface. Except the special extra effects, such as a calendar and weather widget, you can also add shadow/blur to your program/file/folder icon. Wit this freeware, you can also mange your programs well.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers many special extra effects, such as a calendar and weather widget, etc.
  • It also has a nice interface.
  • It also offers a skin maker for you to change the skin.
  • It also supports automatic updating.

XWindows Dock home page

XWindows Dock download



4. Circle Dock

Circle Dock is a free and full-featured application launcher. Unlike these application launcher mentioned above, Circle Dock will help you manage your files, folders and programs on a circular dock that you can resize, not a horizontal toolbar. In this special shape, much more wanted files/folders/shortcuts/links can be shown there. It also supports multiple monitors and virtual desktop. It is worth a shot!


  • Its circular dock and its sub-levels can allow you to manage more files, folders, shortcuts and links at a time.
  • Its round shape dock also makes it more attractive, just like a flower.
  • It is also easy to use.
  • It will also hide itself as no in use.
  • It supports multiple monitors and virtual desktop.
  • It requires no installation, simply unpack and run its EXE file.

Circle Dock home page

Circle Dock download



5. Launchy

Launchy is a free and open-source application launcher for your Windows and Mac OS. It can help index all the programs in your start menu and launch your documents, project files and bookmarks with just a few key words, just like a search bar. But, it is also not simply a search bar. It can be a good resolution for you to forget about running applications from the Start Menu.


  • You can easily enter several key words to launch your wanted program/file/folder.
  • You can also change the skins of it as you wish.


  • It is not as intuitive as the other launchers mentioned above.

Launchy home page

Launchy download



6. SliderDock

SliderDock is also another free and efficient circular dock program for Windows, just like Circle Dock in this aspect. You can have multiple rings of icons there. In order to make the needed icon come to you, you can simply use the mouse wheel. When the mouse freezes or encounter some unexpected problems, you can also control the dock with the keyboard shortcuts. It is fully customizable.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It also offers a circular dock.
  • It allows you to simply use the mouse wheel to highlight a needed icon.
  • It is fully customizable.
  • It also can be controlled by the keyboard shortcuts.

SliderDock home page

SliderDock download



7. RK Launcher (Mac OS)

RK Launcher is a free application launcher for your Mac OS. With this free launcher, the minimized windows will normally be shown on the Windows Taskbar. With this free launcher, all the icons will automatically grow as the mouse is moved over the dock. With this free launcher, the newly installed applications also can be automatically tracked.


  • It is completely free.
  • It can automatically track the newly installed applications and create a shortcut on its dock for your latter use.
  • Its Taskbar will show your minimized windows so that you can easily find it again.
  • It is also updated frequently.

RK Launcher home page

RK Launcher download