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How to Read Windows NTFS Formatted Drive on Mac?

Different drive file system?

NTFS“I have an external hard drive that is often used with Widows OS (It is also formatted into Windows NTFS file system). But, now I would like to use it with my Mac. But, I also don’t want to lose any of my files on this drive. I merely want to transfer them to my Mac. Is there anyone that could help me transfer my files from this NTFS formatted drive to my Mac?”

Familiar experience, right?

Nowadays, it is not a pipe-dream for people to have both of a Windows and Mac PC. On the one hand, one would be happy, for the Windows and Mac PC would enrich his personal life and bring endless convenience to his business life. However, on the other handle, one would also be depressed sometimes, for the different drive file system would create obstacles for fluent data communications between different OS PCs.

Before we begin to discuss this topic, we should firstly learn one more thing.

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How to Keep a Hard Drive Free from Failing?

All hard drives can fail at any time and without any sign. That’s why we are always advised to back up our important files. And the actual experiences also prove that data backup is really useful under the dreadful circumstances of drive failure.

However, making data backups is not the only way to protect data. An efficient hard drive is the essential of data protecting. Therefore, as one tries to make data backups, he also should take some actions to keep the hard drive from failing.

With a little care, he may extremely extend the hard drive life as well as saving money.

Therefore, let’s learn some tips together to prevent our hard drive from failing.

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