Best File Format API to Build into Your Software

Recently we are testing a list of pdf format tools to convert pdf to other formats like word, excel etc. We have finished the test both on converting and editing to see whether the converted files are readable or editable. We tested a list of programs named PDFZilla, Unipdf, and together with Xunjie PDF. These PDF format converters are not developed by themselves, they users  third party file format APIs.

The one who uses file format API developed by Aspose tops the test with less bugs and problems, that’s the reason we get our attention at a closer look at ASPOSE.

What is file format API and what can you do with it

Fle format apis are basic codes that can be used to convert file formats  like PDF to word excel and other formats.

Why ASPOSE? was established at the year 2001 and it has been in bussiness for over 15 years with current alexa global rank 53,978.

When you search ‘file format api’,, this website comes to your sight at the first page.

When you search ‘pdf api’, this website comes to the first page.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of our test among the PDF software we tested which uses different APIs with different quality.

1, Keep the original reading  format

Some of converted PDF software which uses a third party api such as Xian Youkan PDF API did not show  its table or excel if any in the original paragraphs and photos after converting. This makes users a lot of work to do after converting.

Aspose PDF API shows the right original paragraphs and photos after converting from PDF to word without hassle.

2, Unrecognized characters after converting

Some of converted files may contain unrecognized characters which is not readable after converting PDF to word. This does not happen to the software which uses Aspose file format API.  This would tops the reason for most developers to choose Aspose to build api into their programs since unreadable content garbled after converting would make the whole job useless.

Aspose –> no garbled content found after converting the file format.

More about ASPOSE

ASPOSE provides  file format apis for different platforms. According to their description, it could do the following job

Manipulate Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook and more than 100 other file formats, using our native APIs for .NET, Java, Cloud and Android.

See product introduction here

We build a program with ASPOSE API and so far no problem with it.