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7 Best Free PDF Writers for Your Windows

Nowadays, the PDF (Portable Document Format) file becomes more and more popular over the internet for its outstanding advantages, comparing to the DOC file. A PDF file is always good to faithfully reproduce the layout of the original document, especially for some forms/manuals; A PDF file is always ideal to practically show some specialized fonts, such as music, chemistry and mathematics, etc; A PDF file is always great to process some high-resolution images in a relatively small file format. All these advantages clearly indicate us why many web friends prefer to upload their files as PDF files rather than the common Office/Word files.

But, do you know how to create a PDF file?

Actually, there is a chance for you to easily write a PDF file: applying a PDF writer on your computer.

So, in order to help you out, I have gathered a list of 7 best free PDF writers for you to create a PDF file freely on your Windows.

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6 Best Free Windows Password Recovery Programs

encrypted hard drive2In these days, in order to protect the computer/laptop data, many people usually set a password to their Windows operating system. However, most of them also complain about the Windows password for their painful password recovery experiences after unfortunately forgetting the password. Is that right for you?

In fact, after forgetting the Windows password, the password recovery process also can be a simple and easy task as long as you apply a professional Windows password recovery program. Have you ever heard about the Windows password recovery program?

A Windows password recovery program is a program used to recover or reset the lost user/administrator password for you to log in to your Windows again.

Here are 6 best free Windows password recovery programs listed for you to recover your Windows password:

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Top5 Best Free Video Converters for Windows/Mac OS

Mac PC1Nowadays, a digital video can be saved in many formats, such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV and common seen MP4, etc. However, most of video viewers/devices, such as Windows Media Player, iPad and MP4 player, only support several specific formats. That’s to say, it is absolutely possible for you to face the incompatible video problem. In that case, what will you do? Which one do you prefer to use, a video converter or a compatible video viewer/device?

Actually, in my opinion, a video converter will also contribute a lot! Have you heard about the video converter?

A video converter is a program that can help change the formats of your digital video. In other words, it can help you change the incompatible video into a compatible one. Are you interested now?

If you are really interested and want to have a try, here is a list of top 5 best free video converters for you to convert your incompatible videos on Windows/Mac:

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How to Fix a Blue Screen Problem?

computer blue screenAs a computer user, when it comes to the blue screen problem, one always has a lot to complaint. It could flash on a computer all of sudden and ruin everything, no matter whether you are enjoying a game or video. It could attack the computer without any warning and erase all crucial files, no matter whether you are editing a document or a test. It even could pop out without any reason and crash the computer system, no matter what you are doing…In short, it could cause many unhappy memories for you.

However, in fact, as long as one has a good knowledge of it, he could easily take some measures to reduce the unnecessary loss.

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How Much do You Know about Computer Beep Codes?

What are the computer beep codes?

The computer beeping codes are a kind of sound codes given by the computer to tell the present hardware conditions.

In fact, when one turns his computer on, it will automatically perform a diagnostic test called “Power On Self Test” (also named as “POST” in short) in order to check whether all its components work functionally. When everything is going well, the computer will give a single beep sound to show that it is in good condition. But, if there is something wrong with these components, the computer will display the related error message on the computer monitor screen and also emit some beep sound to alert the user. Different beep sounds would show out different computer problems, just like the sound codes. So, we call them computer beep codes.

As long as one knows the meanings of these beep codes, he could simply listen to the beep sounds and recognize the computer conditions.

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How to Reduce Computer Radiation?

hande pain1Sitting in front of a computer for a whole day not only cause endurable injury for your hand or body and also make you exposure to the computer electromagnetic radiation for a day long. The computer radiation could cause many really negative effects on your body, such as headaches, light and sound sensitivities, anxiety, skin problems, and the likes, especially for some sensitive persons. Moreover, some researchers insist the overexposure to radiations sometimes even could increase the rate of getting a cancer or infertility.

Overall, the computer radiation is really harmful to our health.

So, what can we do to reduce computer radiation?

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