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Get Wondershare Photo Recovery for Free or Get Coupon

Want to get a free copy of Wondershare Photo Recovery worth $29.95? Then take your time to  get it here:

Full version download link:

Free code: “8888A8888B8888C8888D8888”, no quotation mark to activate the program.

The offer is at real time and would expire tomorrow. Be hurry to get a copy and get registered. Continue reading Get Wondershare Photo Recovery for Free or Get Coupon

Wondershare Time Shuttle Free

A new product Wondershare Time Shuttle has been annouced lately.It is a very usefull software.It is deemed to be an all-around system restore,drive data recovery and file recovery software.

 The files and datas have been lost sometimes. The fastest way to recover them is to install and use Wondershare Time Shuttle.Because it can do single file recovery without restrore the whole computer.This is a first feature make this software different from the other software.

 The second feature is that you can creat up to 1,000 snapshots which can help you reject what you have done before then go back and recover the files easily even if there is no disk space taken.these snapshots you can find them on the left of the software’interface at first sight.

 It is very convenient that is the third feature of this software.It can be installed in almost all windows versions including XP,Vista and 7.Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

 In a word,the Wondershare Time Shuttle is a very fast,creative and convenient tool which can help you restore system,remove PC problems and prevent data loss.if you want to use it for free,you can link this website: there is a very easy method to teach you to get it.

Free photo collage maker

What are going to do with your tons of memory value added photos? Why not marking your own photo gallery with free photo collage maker? What is photo collage maker? It is a photo exhibit software that may show dozens of photos in a creative way. Why not exhibit your experience with photos and share with your friends, family…

Usually we may open our photos in some photo software that  exhibites photos  one by one but not that creative.  Today we introduce a photo collage maker that makes your photos shows better if you need to share your travel photos, wedding photos, anniversary photos with others.  You may download a free copy of this program today by free. A $29 worth program is free here.

How to use this program? Here are the steps.

  • Add photos to your photo collage project.

Add photos to this photo collage software 

  • Edit photo collage.Apply frames, borders, and masks. Add clipart, text, drop shadows, and a calendar. Crop your photos, and apply other effects.

Edit this photo collage elements 

  • Save collage project as image files, set as desktop wallpaper,email and print your photo collage.

Share your photo collage project 

1. Select photos you’ll be working with.
2. Choose from 100+ original collage templates.
3. Save as picture format, wallpaper or Print.

Photo template wizard 

1. Select photos you’ll be working with.
2. Customize your collage layout by setting columns and rows.
3. Save as picture format, wallpaper or Print.

More information can be found here

Free Alternatives of photo collage maker

Free DIY personalized photo collage and digital scrapbook for print from EM

Free file recovery tool – Giveaway

Giveaway – File recovery tool worth $69/95 is now free

Backup is the best for your files but what if data disaster strikes and there is no backup copy? Then some file recovery tool might be the help. iCare Data Recovery, a file recovery tool which can bring data back when suffered system crash, power failure, software malfunction, drive not detected, partition deleted, partition lost etc.

Grab a copy of iCare Data Recovery Software which worth $69.95 and now is free of charge since it is spreading its name as a marketing strategy – the best way, free!

You may download a free copy at the website or directly on its download link  and the free license code is “2K1XB2X964MPHOCJ8M1RYIJF0OVHFOFH”

How to register the program? The page here tells you the way to register the program:

Notice: the offer is only active before May 25, so hurry up.

Webroot Spy Sweeper 2010 Free for 6 months

Are you looking for Webroot Spy Sweeper 2010 free license code? webroot spy sweeper keys? Here we have found some free license for you. If you were looking for free license of Spy Sweeper, then you might want to use it for free or for evaluation. If you already have some other spyware cleaners and just want to try some other tools, then you can grabe your time to get a 6 months free of Webroot Spy Sweeper.

How to grab the free copy?

visit their facebook fan page and click on ‘Get my 6 month free trial now!’  to download it. You don’t need to register or enter any license code.  Just download, Install it, and save your PC from any spywares.

Free license spreaded by many blogs like, etc. And here is a picture of the free compaign from Webtricks.

Webroot Spy Sweeper 2010

About Webroot:

Domain Name:
Expiration Date: 2011-07-04
Creation Date: 1996-07-05

Alexa Trend/Rank: Up Arrow 1 Month: 11,545    3 Month: 11,999

As data shows above that webroot has a long history. And it is with high traffic everyday like 10, 0000 appromix.

Webroot Spy Sweeper is a antispyware, which help you prevent spyware and clean bad spywere infected on your PC. It is recommended by PC Magazine as “The best antispyware we’ve ever seen.”

Spyware is the weak of most antivirus software, if you want to make your computer safer, do grab one and this time for free.

Marketing Strategy by Free offer from Webroot.

By spreading the free compaign, Webroot keeps himself highly spotted by many bloggers.

Skype Free to Call Landline

Grabe your time using Skype to landlines to call for free!

Recently Skpye start a new compaign to promote its latest product by offering free calls worldwide. As what we always tell you free is attractive as a marketing strategy. A good website has spreaded this news and which we could tell the free compaign works and more and more people would focus on Skype at this time since the free calls.

If you guys would like to join the free calls, we would appricate if you read the post on clearly since we are not going to talk about the ways and details for this compaign.

Who is Skype? According to, we found that Skype was founded in 2003 by someone in Luxembourg. This is a pretty useful IM software to communicate with your friends and spread social networking via making new friends from Skype or connecting old friends or classmates on Skype. It is free to call Skype to Skype ID and is with clear hearing. We guys here are so sticky with it since it also has group talk and we love it here.

How many people are using Skype? It is hard to tell, but according to, this website has a month traffic of 1 Month: 253, which equals the US media website  Thousands of thousands of people are visiting the website here.