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Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer Review coupon code

Review and Promo Coupon Code of Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer for disk data wipe 

Product: Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer

License: Shareware

Discount: 10%off

Sale price: $39.00now$35.10,you can save $3.90 on 

Operating systems: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 2003

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Promo Coupon Code: 10% off directly from this website, you don’t have to get a coupon code to purchase.

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Review of Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer

If you want to protect your privacy, the Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer is useful for you. Many soft wares can recover the files and data that you have deleted. If you delete them accidently, the recover software can help you. But when you really want to delete something you do not want the other people knows, this kind software may be your worries. Now you can try to use Disk Doctors Data Sanitizer. This software can erase the files and data comprehensively. After erasing, no recover software can search them. This sohftware can work on Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 operating systems. It has very intuitive interface, and people can use it easily.


 The most convenience to people chose this software is that it will give you 9 erasing standards to select for disk wiping.

  •   fast zero or random overwrite
  •  Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion
  •   DoD 5220.22-M
  •   DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
  •  NATO standard
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26 – RLL
  • VSITR(German)
  • Gutmann Method + DoD 5220.22-M

You can try different methods and chose one you like best. If you buy now you can take the discount to purchase or download free trial.

 or Read more about Disk Doctors Software

Google Quit China

Google has quited China and there will be no nor its abbrivation

Can people still use As we visited, we noticed that Google has forwarded this website to another new home (Google Hongkong), a non mainland Chinese government power coverage.

Some people said before that Google will not leave China since its huge economy profits in China Mainland and it is just his public relation diplomacy against China. Well, now we could tell Google is not just doing what for profits but his own rules.

By leaving China, Google left the search market to another Chinese search engine provider

Skype Free to Call Landline

Grabe your time using Skype to landlines to call for free!

Recently Skpye start a new compaign to promote its latest product by offering free calls worldwide. As what we always tell you free is attractive as a marketing strategy. A good website has spreaded this news and which we could tell the free compaign works and more and more people would focus on Skype at this time since the free calls.

If you guys would like to join the free calls, we would appricate if you read the post on clearly since we are not going to talk about the ways and details for this compaign.

Who is Skype? According to, we found that Skype was founded in 2003 by someone in Luxembourg. This is a pretty useful IM software to communicate with your friends and spread social networking via making new friends from Skype or connecting old friends or classmates on Skype. It is free to call Skype to Skype ID and is with clear hearing. We guys here are so sticky with it since it also has group talk and we love it here.

How many people are using Skype? It is hard to tell, but according to, this website has a month traffic of 1 Month: 253, which equals the US media website  Thousands of thousands of people are visiting the website here.

Wikisend Saves Email Large File Sending

Wikisend, an online file sharing website to help you send large files which usually be filterred or hard to upload when sharing files with other people. Why we want to share this to you? Well, it is the solution to the following problems and for free.

1. Have you encountered problems uploading large files and were told not able to upload successfully. For example Gmail. I often use Gmail but find it troublesome to upload files there when sending it to other friends if I need to send them large files say 10MB.

2. Still email involved makes the second reason: Your large file sent in the email can make the recipient’s email bomb and they even do not know they cannot receive incoming emails any longer. Too bad. Then why don’t you just upload the large file say more than 1Mb on wikisend and then send the produced download address to your friend in the email by just a link, which makes it faster and easier for email delivery.

The above two are the most frequent cases that why we need this kind of file sharing service and it is for free. Let’s look at something related with Wikisend.


Website history:  It was registered on 2006-06-18. Pretty young website but useful.

Who is holding this website? We checked and found that the name registration information is protected. Here are more info about this website:

As the alexa reported that it is ranked 138,492, which we can estimate that it is with around 2K people visiting the website perday.

Anyway, we strongly recommend you to use wikisend for saving space of emails.