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How Much Do You Know about “Computer Recycling”?

What is “Computer Recycling”?

“Computer recycling is the recycling or reuse of computer or other related devices.”

Nowadays, many people realize how important it is to keep peaceful balance between human being and natural environment.

Therefore, in order to maintain the balance, many people are calling on everyone to protect our natural environment—our living environment. Under this background, “Computer Recycling” is proposed.

In fact, no matter how different we comprehend this phrase, the spirit is always the same: reuse obsolete computer or other related devices for reducing the harm to our environment. Continue reading How Much Do You Know about “Computer Recycling”?

SEO Add Links Automatically in WordPress

This is the first blog that I make and there are tons of knowledge I should learn and try to use. The reason I am posting some articles here is to make my wordpress become better and better. I would like to share every widgets that I have run into and use on the blog. Today, I would like to share about some internal links adding widgets called SEO Smart Links.

Why links? According to the seo theory of main search engines like Google, it likes internal links besides external links. The better your website links to each page, the better your ranking results are. As we know wordpress is a famous blogging system that helps many of us make a website without php knowledge, javascripts etc. WordPress makes the online blogging easier and many people have considered it a nice plantform to make money by writing useful articles.

What can bring $$$ to you? Advertisement seems not possible for everyone. So search engine traffic can be a nice source for money making whether you are doing clickbank, cleverbridge, digital river, etc. only traffic with targeted visitors can make orders on your website. How to get more traffic? SEO. How SEO, then seo smart links can be one of your help. Sorry for my endless useless and pointless words. Okay, back to the topic.

How to use SEO Smart Links?

1, Download it on and upload it on your wordpress category wp-content/plugins/

2, Login your wordpress and find plugins

3, Active SEO Smart Links

4, Go to settings, find seo smart links and custom your settings.

5, You’re finished.

What does it do? SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

What I shall tell you is when seeking seo links  in and there is a list of tools with different volumes of download. SEO Smart Links ranks first with 160000 downloads in all.