How Much do You Know about Computer Mouse Alternatives?

hande pain1Due to some business stuff, my boy friend has got an odd RSI problem for using a mouse on the desktop too long. So, I am wondering whether there are some computer mouse alternatives that can relax his hand and also do not affect his work negatively. Do you have any mouse alternative to recommend? Have your tried such device?  

The RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) problem is no longer a big deal among people, especially for some computer workers. However, only the victims could deeply feel how terrible and endurable it is. Therefore, you are absolutely correct to find a mouse alternative for your boy friend.

In fact, the RSI problem of your boy friend is generally caused by the fatigue in his hand muscles. As long as he could reduce the workload or free his hand completely, he does have chances to relieve the endurable pain.

Hence, in order to help you and others that have the same troubles, I would introduce the following mouse alternatives to you.

1). Touch Pad.

touch pad2When it comes to the touch pad, you may be much more familiar with the laptop touch pad, right? In fact, the touch pad is not only the specific tool of a laptop, you also could use it on a desktop computer. Simply approach a touch pad with USB connection.

By using a touch pad, one could easily move several fingers on the touch-sensitive surface for leading his cursor on the screen instead of repetitive clicking on the mouse buttons. In this way, one could extremely minimize the workload and relieve the fatigue of the hand and forearm muscles.

track ball1

2). Tack ball.

Comparing to touch pad, track ball is not so well-known alternative of computer mouse. But, it also could be a good choice to help ease the hand pain. Tack ball, as its name indicates, has a really big rolling ball embedded into a base setting. One could only roll the ball to move his computer cursor with his fingers, thumb and palm… So, by using a track ball, his hand has no need to travel everywhere of his desk for finishing the computer work and is also efficiently relaxed at the same time compared to a mouse.


3). Foot mouse.

foot mouse 2Differently from any alternatives mentioned above, food mouse could completely free the hand of user and allow one to move the cursor by clicking the mouse button with his feet. Due to this innovative feature, it is used by more and more people, especially being used by some people with disabilities or back or neck problems. Of course, it also could be a perfect choice to a person with hand pain problems.

In addition, one always need sometime to practice the different pedal on the foot mouse in the beginning, since different pedal may stand for different orders to the computer cursor, even though this could largely affect his work efficiency. However, once he is familiar with it like using a mouse, he would find it is really useful and efficient. Just take the time!


pen device24). Pen Device

This alternative is much more used on a tablet or phone. But, it also could be used on some personal computers.

Pen device is created just like a pen and can “write/read” some information on the computer screen instead of using a keyboard or mouse. The computer cursor would correspondingly move with the pen pointer.

So, in this regard, it is much smarter than the computer mouse and is often used to process some more detailed information, such as drawing on the computer screen.



1). Do not use any device too long.

The pain of the hand is often caused by the repetitive clicking or dragging. Therefore, I hope your boy friend could regularly relax his hand.

2). Learn to do some related exercises to ease the pain.

There are many professional exercises for easing RSI. I Hope your boy friend could learn some practical ones to relieve his pain.