How to Boot our Computer from an External Hard Drive?

boot up a computerAs a computer user, we are suffering a lot from the inner booting disks. For example, even the virus could attack these disks and finally crash our computer sometimes.

So, how about trying to boot your computer from an external hard drive? Have you thought about it?

Just imagine you could directly use an external hard drive to boot your computer, when the interior booting disk gets some problems next time.

Is that brilliant?

OK! Let’s start!

 1). Prepare an external hard drive with sufficient size to hold your OS installation files.

98When one boots from his external hard drive, what he is actually doing is to run his computer with the operating system that has been installed on this external hard drive. So, the operating system installation files always need to be installed on this external hard drive so that we could make it bootable. Therefore, you should spare enough space to hold them on this drive. (If you are using or going to use Windows 7, it is absolutely necessary to have an external hard drive with at least 4GB of space.)


2). Format this external hard drive.

The formatting process not only could completely empty every file on this drive and also could wipe out all potential viruses, spywares or other malwares. Namely, it could help prepare your drive in its best state quickly.

Of courser, before the formatting, you’d better move all your needed stuff to elsewhere in case of data loss.


3). Download a professional program to create a bootable external hard drive.

It is theoretically possible to boot our computer from an external hard drive with the help of a professional program. But, since we also need to reset something in BIOS, there may be some differences between diffident computers. So, you should pick out the most proper program according to your computer setting.


4). Reset the boot order in BIOS.

vm-bios-boot-orderIf your external hard drive is not the first in the boot order of BIOS, your PC also would not boot from it. So, you are supposed to reset it.

**Open your BIOS. Different computers may have different ways to open it now. Restart your computer and hit a key at boot according to your computer instructions.

**Find your boot order in BIOS. If you don’t know which section of your boot order belongs to, you could go through everyone to find it. Just be patient!

**Change “Hard Drive” to be the first one in boot order. After finding your boot order section, you could see there are three options in the list: CD-ROM Drive, Hard Drive and Network boot… Set the “Hard Drive” option as the first one in order.

5). Reboot your computer and check whether it takes effect.