How to Enlarge Words on a Computer?

Enlarge the words 4Many computer users are really suffering from seeing the information on their computers because the computer words are really small and hard to read. In fact, too small words on the computer not only would have a negative influence on the reading speed, it also may bring side effects to your eyes.

Hence, read this article to make your computer easier to read.


How to enlarge the words on your computer desktop?

Computer desktop, as one of the most frequently using interfaces on a computer, could have a great influence on your eyes, if the showing words are too small.

So, here are steps for you to change the size of the showing words:

Step1: Right click your computer screen on desktop and hit “Properties”.

Enlarge the words 1










Step2: Click “Appearance” tab to set your words size.

enlarge words on desktop2










Step3: Select a proper option under “Front Size” list. You always have three options: “Normal”, “Large Fronts” and “Extra Large Fronts”. If you don not know which one could be the best, just try them sequentially.

 enlarge words on desktop3









Note: After changing the words, the related icons on the desktop may not perfectly match with these larger words as before. You are also supposed to correspondingly adjust the size of these icons like this: press “Effects” button on the right side of “Appearance” box and then choose a proper size.


How to enlarge the web or text words on your computer?

If you find the words on your web or text are too small, not the words on the desktop, you also could try to do some steps to enlarge them.

Here are introducing you two ways for you:

1). Enlarge the web or text words on your computer.

Simply open this text or web on your computer at first. And then, hold the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard and scroll the wheel on your computer mouse. Though scrolling up or down the wheel, you could freely adjust the word size.

2). Enlarge the word size of a text on your web.

firefoxzoomin or outNowadays, many web browsers allow their users to set word size according their own needs. Moreover, one often could find this function under the “View” tab. Just check your web browser immediately.

Take the Firefox Web Browser as an example, you always could find “Zoom” under the list of “View” tab and then click “Zoom In” or “Zoom Out” to change the word size.


OK! Right now, check your computer and adjust your computer words correspondingly.