How to Have a Faster Computer Downloading Speed?

computer dowmload2How to speed up my computer downloading? Recently, I don’t know why, my computer downloading speed is very, very slow. How can I fix it? 

OK! You are not the only one to ask this question. Honestly, a few months ago, I was also bothered by the same problem.

So, if you fairly want to get a faster downloading speed, just follow my steps.

<1>. Check whether you are browsing some other internet websites while downloading your thing.

Close all your browsing internet websites, which could help increase your downloading speed.


<2>. Check whether you are downloading two things at once.

Let’s assume that your computer downloading speed is fixed at a time. If you download only one thing at once, this fixed speed would be used to download it alone. But, if you download two things at once, the fixed speed has to be divided into two and separately download your things. That’s why your computer downloading speed is so low.

Therefore, always make sure you are downloading only one thing every time.


<3>. Check whether you are using another downloading program.

downlaoding4In the same principle, if you are using another downloading program, it also would divide your downloading speed. Just close it or stop it temporarily.


<4>. Check whether you download your thing from a safe site or place.

downlaoding3Unsafe site or place online may bring some virus, spyware and other malware to your computer. That would not only influence your downloading speed, and also might cause data loss or even system crashing.

So, you are supposed to download all your stuff from a safe site or place.


computer dowmload5<5>. Check whether your computer memory is enough for you to hold your downloading thing.

Poor drive space or full drive also would influence the data downloading speed. Therefore, before you begin to download your thing, you’d better check your drive space carefully, deleting any unnecessary files and programs, doing disk cleanup and even formatting some messed up drive.


<6>. Check whether you need a download manager.

In these days, many download managers are optimized for a certain functions. Some of them are also developed to accelerate the computer download speed. Therefore, you also could consider whether you need a download manager based on your own conditions.