How to Recover RAW Partition without Data Loss?

Drive Partition Is Strangely Shown as RAW. How to Correct it back to NTFS without Data Loss?

Hello! I need some help here! I have a hard drive that has been partitioned into four. All of them are NTFS volumes. Recently, as I attempted to use a partition manager named GParted for extending a partition, one partition was strangely disappeared after showing some error messages. By using this partition manager again, I checked it was detected as an unallocated volume. So, I tried to re-assign it with a new drive letter. But, it also was displayed as “RAW”. Is there any way to correct this? I really want to save all the data inside this partition.


Don’t Worry! RAW Partition Problem Is Not a Big Deal!

Don’t worry! The RAW partition problem is not difficult to deal with! What you should worry is the inner stored data. In fact, based on your description, this partition is probably deleted by your applied partition manager. (That’s why it disappears from your computer and also can be found as an unallocated volume in this partition manager.) But, that’s not to say, after the deleting process, both of your partition and inner stored data is erased completely. Oppositely, they are still there, on your drive (For example, this deleted partition can still be easily found in Disk Management, right?). As long they are not overwritten by anything else, you do have chances to save both of them back.


Save Your Deleted Partition Data back firstly!

As we’ve mentioned above, even though your partition is deleted, your stored data is still on this drive. In order to save your data back, you do need a Deleted Partition Data Recovery Freeware that can always deeply scan a deleted partition and restored all scanned data back easily.

Just go try this freeware as below:

Step1. Do not format this partition before you’ve restored everything back.

Step2. Download this freeware to another drive in case of any data loss. In this situation, any new data on the same partition or drive may rewrite your wanted data. So, take care!

Step3. Select a fixable data recovery mode from four and start to scan this partition. You’d better click this partition only to scan for saving time.

Step4. Preview your original data and decide how much of them should be restored.

Step5. Restore your needed data and save it on another partition or drive in case of data recovery failure.


PS: You should never forget to back up partition/drive/memory card data in the future.


Save Your Deleted RAW Partition back secondly!

What you should do to save your deleted RAW partition is really simple: format this partition for converting RAW file system back to NTFS. The formatting process is always the best and easiest way for one to change its RAW file system. Of course, if your computer cannot complete the formatting for you, you also can apply a professional format tool like HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.


Back up Everything Important before Applying a Partition Manager!  

Nowadays, there are many partition managers online that can easily help us freely resize a target partition, such as IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition and GParted. But, not all of them will help back up your partition data. In fact, as I know, many similar partition managers would help resize a partition by deleting a partition at first and then add the newly created unallocated space to your wanted partition. So, your partition data can be really dangerous!

Therefore, in the future, I hope you can back up all your important data well before applying these partition managers!