How to Select Text with a Mouse in Word?

Dragging a mouse cursor from the starting point to the ending point is often the most basic and flexible way to select text in Word, such as selecting a word, a line, a sentence, a paragraph and even the whole text. But, do you know there are also many other ways to select text with a mouse in Word?

Here are some ways for you to select a mouse in Word.

<1>. Drag the mouse cursor.

As we’ve written above, this way is always the most widely used way to select text: place the mouse cursor in front of the text you want to select, click the left mouse button, and drag the cursor to the end of this text, and do not forget to release the mouse at last.

select text 1









In this way, one always could select any text he wants, such as selecting a key word, a single line, an important sentence and even a needed paragraph, etc.

<2>. Click only once to select a single line.

In order to specially select a single line, you also could put the mouse cursor in the left margin of this line, wait the mouse pointer icon changing into a white arrow and finally click there only once.

select text 2









<3>. Double click to select a paragraph.

Instead of dragging the mouse though the whole paragraph, you also could double click in front of this paragraph to select it: Move the cursor to the left blank of this paragraph and then click there twice.

This could be a really quick way to select a specific paragraph.

select text 3









<4>. Click three times to select the whole text.

Comparing to selecting the entire text by dragging the mouse, clicking three times in the left margin of this text could be far more efficient and quicker way. Why not?

select text 4









<5>. Use some shortcuts to select text

If all these mentioned ways above do not make sense on your computer, you also could try other shortcuts to select text for you.

1. “Shift + click”: Position the cursor at the end of the text you want to select, hold “Shift” button and then click at the beginning of this text.

2. “Ctrl + Click”: Hold “Ctrl” button and click your mouse. In this way, one could always select all his needed words, sentences, paragraphs in different places of this text.

select text 5









3. “Alt+ Drag”: Hold “Alt” button and drag your cursor. You will see a black rectangle there. In this way, you could select all the text included in this rectangle area.

select text 6