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Malwarebytes Secure Backup Review

Malwarebytes Secure Backup is one of the best backup applications for your PC. It can automatically back up your important documents, music, photos, and videos and other files to a secure server (a state-of-the-art online data center) according to a schedule you set and scan every new file with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Due to the automatic backups, you will never lose your important files again, even when you forget to back up your important data manually.


Malwarebytes Secure Backup Key Features


* Powerful Online Backups

As long as you set the backup schedule well, Malwarebytes Secure Backup will automatically archive all your important documents, music, photos, and videos and other files into an online backup server (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly). With this tool, you always can easily retrieve your lost data back from its online backups. Best of all, due to its online backup server, you can even manage all of your backups through any mobile device or browser

So, it is really reliable.


* Automatically Scan Your any New File with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Before you try to upload anything new on your PC, Malwarebytes Secure Backup will also automatically launch its free antivirus tool named Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan every new file and make sure your computer files are completely clean and safe, especially your backups.


* Freely Back Up All Your Devices

Unlike other backup programs, Malwarebytes Secure Backup has no limitation on the devices you can back up and allows you to back up as many different devices as you wish, such as Android phone, Windows/Mac laptops and drives, etc.