One minute downloading a movie with LG LTE

Do you believe you can download a movie just in one minute? LG technology tested the fourth generation removable technology and communication LTE and it took just one minute downloading a 700MB movie at the speed of 100Mbps.


It is reported that LG has been dedicated on the fourth mobile communication started several years ago on the LTE. With the requirement of the market, here comes the LTE multiple service machine.

This is amazing but really good surprise for those who always download something on torrent. However before downloading, always keep in mind that it is not legal to download unauthorized material on the internet.

About LG

LG is a multiple corporation started in South Korea founded by Busan in 1947. It has been dedicated in technology for many areas like cell phones, LCD, plasma TV, DVD players, refrigerators etc.

Official website:

Revenue 2009: $108.2 billion

Employees 177,000

Will Microsoft be Losing Glamour after Windows 7

 Do you believe that Windows 7 will be the last successful product of Microsoft and who is going to fade in the future after Windows 7?

 IDC analysis precast that Microsoft will losing the glamour after Windows 7. It is with no suspicious that Windows 7 will be another success of operating system after the last failure of Windows Vista. The analysis says Windows 7 will be dominating the PC world in the next 5 to 7 years.

 Why Microsoft will be losing the Glamour?

 As we know, Windows 8 will be the next generation of Windows 7, when the PC becomes less important since there were cloud computing, mobile intelligent device; net powered electronic house holdings etc.  When that becomes true, PCs will be no longer that important for us and nor PC dominated operating system Microsoft.

SONY new notebook VAIO YII was leaked

What’s the new notebook of Sony? VAIO YII is the answer. The new product was revealed by some European notepad eshop.About the retailing price, one of VAIO Y11 named Y11S1E was priced at Euro 803 at some Greece shop with 4GB memory, 320GB hard drive and Intel GMA4500 Integrated graphics.


VAIO Y11 is the first Intel CULV control application with Intel 1.3GHz Core2Due processor. The screen is developed to be 13.3 inches and becomes thinner and lighter. What’s more? There is no CD ROM.

About Sony


Sony Corporation is a multinational corporation originated in Japan. We often refer it as Sony. It is one of the world’s largest media conglomerates. The main products are ranging from electronics, video, communications etc.

Corp Revenue: $79.618 billion (2009)

Net income: $1,019 billion (2009)

93% Corperate PC users satisfied with Windows 7

According to a research company ChangWave, 93% corp PC users are satisfied with Windows 7, which may increase the popularity of Windows 7.

ChangeWave reveals that in the investigation, 93% users in corp are satisfied with Windows 7. What’s more, 37% of which are “pretty satisfied”, 56% of which are “comparatively satisfied”.


According to news from Techcrunch, Mozilla will be launching Thunderbird 3 soon. I have used Thunderbird before and probably was the version 1. The most impressive impression that I have on Thunderbird is handy of use. It is pretty cool and time saving when you want to send holiday letters like thanksgiving emails, Christmas card etc to a hundred friends and families, colleagues, etc.

Time saving and pretty useful when you need to send hundreds of emails on one special day is the reason why I like Mozilla Thunderbird3. Well, back to the new upgrade. According to Mozilla, Thunderbird3 will be added more useful features like improvements of tabs, email filtering when searching emails, move your emails from inbox to a separate archive folder for better management etc.

For more information about the update, be free to get it on Techcrunch