SpaceSniffer Review

Developer: Uderzo Umberto / More programs

Price/Price: Freeware / $0

Size/OS: 1.5 MB / Windows All

Download: SpaceSniffer


SpaceSniffer Review


Are you looking for a wonderful disk space analyzer?

Nowadays, there are plenty of disk space analyzers that can show you the visualization of disk space usage. However, not all of them can work as efficiently as you hope.

Therefore, if you really want to have one, SpaceSniffer can be a good chance to go on.

In fact, based on my personal experiences, SpaceSniffer is a free and useful disk space analyzer that can exhaustively analyze your assigned disk and visually present you how folders and files are structured on your disk. With SpaceSniffer, it is always not a hard nut for you to clearly know which file/folder has occupied the largest drive pace and how much free space your disk has left. So, it could be a really helpful assistant for you to optimize your disk space.


Why to use SpaceSniffer?


1. A Fast and Easy-to-use Disk Space Analyzer

SpaceSniffer has a really user-friendly interface and also supports the “drag and drop” operation. So, it is extremely easy for everyone to install and use. Moreover, it will also show you the disk usage map in seconds once you select the specific disk. So, it is also a really fast disk space analyzer.


2. Virtually and Intuitively Show You the Disk Space Usage

In order to let you have a more intuitive understanding of your disk space usage, SpaceSniffer has adopted a special “Treemap” layout technology, which can virtually present your selected drive space usage, just like a map of disk space usage. In addition, it also offers four different colors for you to freely distinguish different disk space usage. So, in this regard, it is really user-friendly.


3. Considerately Export Modules

Of course, if it is necessary, you also can easily export the analyzing results for future use. SpaceSniffer has designed many export modules for you.


4. A Portable Disk Space Analyzer

SpaceSniffer is also portable and requires no any installation. You always can easily put it in some movable storage devices and freely use it on another computer/laptop.


Click here to download SpaceSniffer