Top 5 Free Windows Virtual Desktop Managers

keyboard 8Nowadays, only one desktop is always inconvenient for some office workers to accomplish their multiple tasks at a time. That’s exactly why the virtual desktop managers are created.

Have you ever heard about the virtual desktop managers?

A virtual desktop manager is a utility that allows one to create multiple versions of desktops in a visualized environment so that he can run several programs at a time and switch among them freely.

So, do you want to have an efficient virtual desktop manager?

Here are top 5 free Windows virtual desktop managers for you to manage all your virtual desktops perfectly.


Top1. Dexpot

Dexpot is a free and easy-to-use Windows virtual desktop manager that can help create up to 20 virtual desktops for users to process multiple tasks at once. Every virtual desktop could independently have its own wallpapers, launched programs/files and icons, etc. Of course, if you want, you can also move/copy some windows among these launched virtual desktops.


  • It is really free and fast.
  • It is really easy to use, even for some beginners.
  • It has a full-featured and well-organized interface.
  • It also has stunning 3D transition effects.
  • It has a really small memory footprint and do not affect your present work.
  • It also regularly updates itself.
  • It also supports password protection of your virtual desktops.


  • It is bundled with OpenCandy.

Dexpot home page

Dexpot download



Top2. Virtual Dimension

Virtual Dimension is a free and full-featured virtual desktop manager for your Windows. Unlike other managers, you can create unlimited numbers of independent virtual desktops with Virtual Dimension. With its simple interface, you can easily move windows from one virtual desktop to another. With this freeware, you even can establish rules so that some windows can be systematically placed in some desktops or other.


  • It is easy to install, configure and use.
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It allows you to create unlimited numbers of virtual desktops so that you can run more tasks at once.

Virtual Dimension home page

Virtual Dimension download



Top3. Finestra Virtual Desktops

Finestra Virtual Desktops is a free and elegant virtual desktop manager that allows you to have unlimited numbers of virtual desktops on your computer. Through this freeware, you can easily drag and drop windows among desktops. It also features for its windows thumbnails that allow you to preview your opened windows from the full screen switcher view.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers unlimited numbers of independent virtual desktops.
  • It allows you to move windows with simple dropping and dragging.
  • It also supports full-screen previews of all your opened virtual desktops.
  • It also offers a different background for each desktop so that they can not affect each other.
  • It also provides other features, such as configurable colors, fade speeds and hotkeys, etc.

Finestra Virtual Desktops home page

Finestra Virtual Desktops download



Top4. nSpaces

nSpaces is a free and useful virtual desktop manager that allows you to create multiple virtual desktops on your monitor. Except the common functions that a good virtual desktop manager should have, you can also set different background colors or wallpapers to distinguish your diverse desktops. With this freeware, you also can set a password to protect your desktops free from any unexpected access. Of course, you can also simply drag and drop programs/windows among desktops on nSpaces switchers.


  • It is completely free.
  • It can create multiple virtual desktops on your monitor.
  • It can allow you to name your desktop.
  • It can allow you to change the wallpaper/back ground color to distinguish different desktops.
  • It also allows you to password protect your desktops.

nSpaces home page

nSpaces download



Top5. VirtuaWin

VirtuaWin is a free and open-source Windows virtual desktop manager that allows you to have up to 6 independent virtual desktops. It runs in the background and can appear in the system tray. By clicking some hotkeys of every virtual desktop, you also can access stuffs on different desktops. If you want adjust the virtual desktop size, you also can simply drag the edge.


  • It is fast and small.
  • It has a really simple and nice interface.
  • It is really easy to configure and set up.
  • It can at help create up to 6 independent virtual desktops.

VirtuaWin home page

VirtuaWin download