Wise JetSearch Review

Developer: WiseCleaner.com / More programs

Price/Price: Freeware / $0

Size/OS: 1.4 MB / Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download: Wise JetSearch


Wise JetSearch Review


Over years, numerous files can be scattered among different computer partitions and drives, which could be really difficult for one to quickly find out a specified file/folder.

Don’t worry! Try to stop this chaos with the help of Wise JetSearch!

Have any idea of Wise JetSearch?

Wise JetSearch is a free and useful local file/folder search tool that can help you easily and quickly find out all wanted files and folders on your local drives and partitions in seconds. It is also regarded as the best alternative to Windows Search and Search Everything.


Why to use Wise JetSearch?


1. An Easy-to-use Tool

As other free tools offered by Wisecleaner.com, Wise JetSearch is also designed as easy as possible for everyone to use. With Wise JetSearch, you only need three simply steps to search out your needed files/folders: typing your key words, select the place you want to search and finally click the start button.


2. Quickly Find out Your Wanted Files

Comparing to the widely used Windows Search, Wise JetSearch often can help you search your wanted files faster. It takes just a few seconds.


3. Considerately Search files/folders with Wildcard

With Wise JetSearch, you can not only easily enter some key words of the file/folder name to seek them out. But, if you cannot remember their names accurately, Wise JetSearch also can allow you to use wildcard to replace some missing letters or words. That is really considerately.


4. Support both of NTFS and FAT Drives and Partitions

By using Wise JetSearch, you often have no need to worry about the incompatible file system problems since Wise JetSearch supports both of the common NTFS and FAT drives and partitions.


Click here to download Wise JetSearch